Purple™: What's In Your Mattress

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Purple ™’s smart relaxation grid process was made to be soft where you need it in which you need it, irrespective of your body type, exactly what position you sleep , or in which you’re on the mattress and firm\. Translation: Wake up every morning with your face on.

So that you don’t sweat the mattress, with a spacious grid layout, the Purple Smart Comfort Grid ™ promotes body heat.

The Purple Smart Comfort Grid™ effortlessly isolates movement, which means you don’t sense posterity, your partner , or pets if they cringe\.

Rest easy with Purple’s 100 night secure trial and superior 10-year guarantee — if you don’t love it, receive a complete product refund.

Purple enjoys your curves. The Smart Comfort Grid responds to back up your own body’s natural shape\. Every night\.

By adapting to all your pressure points in any sleeping position, Purple feels great whether you are a back, stomach, side, or sleeper\.

The Smart Comfort Grid ™ of purple is designed to dynamically bend so that your shoulders and hips are properly cradled and encouraged. No stress all night. No hassle come morning\.

The Smart Comfort Grid™ permits for plenty of air movement that is temperature-neutralizing under and about you for comfort all night.

The Smart Comfort Grid™ is crafted from Polymer™ that is made

Proudly in the U.S.A.. This ultra-durable, non-toxic material never breaks , so you keep comfy and nice and forevermore.

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