Purple™ PowerBase: The Flexible Bed that You Never Knew You Always Wanted

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Level your bedroom with the Purple™ PowerBase
– Transform your bed of relaxation to the Optimus Prime
– Enjoy TV, telephone, or function without getting a crick in your throat
– Ease tension using full-body 5 relaxation levels that are massagerswith
– Elevate your toes to lessen back pain andimprove Blood Circulation

The Ways that the PowerBase Boost Your Sleep

Relief From Continuous Ailments
Relax into the Purple™ PowerBase and also feel your endless aches and pains as you adapt to your position take a back seat.

Produce a Productivity Hub
The flexible base is wonderful for operating in bed, and also the power and USB outlets make it much easier to get work done in the comfiest area in the house.

Stress From Your Life
The frequency massagers generate the feeling of a wave rolling down and up your spine to help lull even the most delicate sleepers into slumber.

Put Tired Mornings to Bed
A tough night’s sleep does not just ruin your dreams, it can destroy your day. The PowerBase helps you to get sleep so that you awaken energized and refreshed.

Optimize Your Health at Zero Gravity
The Purple™ PowerBase Zero Gravity setting relies on NASA’s discovery of their optimal body posture to decrease pressure. Scientists discovered that this position does more than just reduce pressure, it is an optimal place for the purpose of your body\.
Mimics the position, known for relaxation and pressure relief
Legs are Fantastic for Those Who Have back pain, swollen toes, or Higher blood pressure
Gentle on your own organs, so it’s Ideal for stomach aches and aches

App-solutely Simple
With the PowerBase App that you can correct your base, handle your massage, and stop all from your mobile phone, your partner’s snoring.
Infinite (nearly ) Custom Comfort Positions
4 Programmable Presets
No Judgment because you Watch Top Gun for the 50th Time

Massage away your aches and pains
\Flexible bases produce \an thumping vibration that shakes the mattress\. The Purple PowerBase utilizes patented leading to blood flow that was easier. This rejuvenates the entire body and reduces stress, and promotes healthy blood pressure.

For robots that are sleep-savvy, people, and everybody in-between.
Welcome to relationship bliss. Gone is the day from snoring of horrible sleep. In the push of a simple button, your spouse’s head or you will be raised to some position. No loud throat draining. No longer jabs to the ribs\. No more smacks to the head with a cushion. Just quiet, relaxed, snore-free sleep.

Executive Producer – Alex McArthur
Producer – Scott Dastrup
Director – Scott Dastrup
Robots Creator/ Puppeteer – Chris Hanson
Costume Fabricator/ Robot Puppeteer – Sarah Hessinger
1st AD – Alex Arnold
Johnny Robot Screen Actor – James Christian Morris
Johnny Robot Voice – Christopher Robin Miller
Rosie Robot Screen Actor – Kelly Donahue
Rosie Robot Voice – Lisa Clark Valentine
Generation Design – Chloe Huber
Generation Design Assistant – Melissa Johnson
Production Design Assistant – Kent Everett
Costume/Wardrobe Design – Anna Hayes
Generation Audio Technician – Kevin Maynard
Studio Audio Technician – Dave Evanoff
Production Assistant – Alex Arnold
Production Assistant – Matt Rogers
Gaffer – Phil Shepherd
Grip – Danny Shepherd
Editor/ Animator – Jordan Dastrup
Editor – Scott Dastrup
Post Sound Design – Bryan Densley (Densley Sound)
Writer – James Alexander
BTS Videographer – Andy Matthews

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