Purple Pillow, Exactly what it did my Eyes!!!

Got the highly acclaimed purple cushion due to all of the reviews it was receiving online, also because of all the positive things that were written concerning it. Such as it is a bed for your mind, it gives you greater sleep, it’s a smart relaxation grid, that it has new clever sleep technology, it absorbs stress, it melts cool and that you get real neck support. So purple pillow inspection time!!!! Shortly after I began to notice my eyes were feeling weird after waking up in the morning, they felt drained like never before. All I needed to do is sleep after waking . This can not be normal, does it? I chose to open up the pillow casing (like fair review did) to see how much powder (talcum powder maybe?) Was really in the pillow. There was a good deal of it. So I decided to create a little test by sleeping on a different pillow to find out if the weary eyes went off in the early hours, and they all did. It was like magic! This is my health hazard test so to speak. After doing this test for several days, I reasoned that the pillow had adverse effects on my eyes on account of the plastic powder that was inside. I sleep on a different brand pillow because of the fear of health risks that it might be creating for me.

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  1. Mattress stays really coldur2.pl/1219 better temperature control than some other mattress I've owned. Additionally, I have really poor shoulder and this sounds to let me sleep in my side without the pressure which other mattresses possess. And for a grand, this 's fairly impressive, because my memory foam mattress costs almost twice that and sleeps really hot. This completes the mattress relaxation portion of the inspection, upon the five star rating is established.

  2. I utilized the vacuum and I got very little through the cushion, so I’ll only risk a lesser amount of my entire life, since if it had been really unhealthy my vacuum would be sick by now.

  3. The pillow is used for sleeping, the feather cushion will open to play with it, and then it will fly feathers everywhere, and the feather cushion will make you feel uncomfortable! Why is it that you perform with the pillow?

  4. Nick is absolutely accurate! I just purchased a purple cushion, and it was in fact loaded with powder . I’d definitely suggest to PURPLE, please make a cover for the pillow that will help prevent the powder coating from being inhaled. If a person isn’t smart enough to take the cover off and clean prior to use, they are inhaling unknown particles in their lungs. I’ve woken up many nights in a row with no voice, and sore throat. I cleaned it before I used itwashed the pillow itself in the tub with dish soapand it is still filled with powder. Rather difficult to get rid of… Purple requires a better means of making their cushions. I wound up going back to my normal pillow and I ran test trials and forth prior to making my decision to no longer use the pillow. I have been thinking about creating a video of my expertise, I really hope they change the cushion somehow, soon.

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