3 thoughts on “Purple Mattress Review”

  1. Thanks for the review. It's reviews like yours that made my decision much easier. Have been going back and forth on the online memory foam mattress offered by several different companies and have decided that Purple offered another option that appealed to us. Ordered ours and am anxiously awaiting its delivery in a couple of weeks. The reviews, overall, have been positive and has to be better than our 20 year old mattress with foam topper.

  2. I’m so incredibly happy with this mattress.>>>t.co/m2CMT6cYoA I was really skeptical but it’s awesome. We were able to sleep on it the first night perfectly. It’s soft yet firm! I have no regrets about the purchase! All my back issue with my other mattress are completely gone! I will update in a year! We’ve had this about a week with no wants to get rid of it!

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