Purple Mattress Review | Original-2-3-4 (Following 6 Months of Testing)


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Purple Mattress Review | Original-2-3-4 (Following 6 Months Of Testing). In this movie, Matt covers the Original Purple Mattress review in Addition to this New Purple Mattress Review. In general, Matt has spent substantial period (6 weeks to 1 year) with four Purple models. He even sleeps to the Purple 4 mattress each night. The Original Purple bed is made of two foam layers as well as the company’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer for its top layer. The Original Purple mattress is your provider’s cheapest bed. Even the New Purple mattresses are hybrid beds which contain coils. The Purple 2 mattress utilizes a 2 inch topper of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the Purple 3 mattress uses 3 inches and so on. Matt makes sure to pay how the Purple beds feel, their respective stability profiles and which kinds of sleepers (rear, stomach and side) each bed is best for. In general, Matt is a huge fan of Purple beds. He doesn’t know if he will ever change back to a traditional memory foam or innerspring mattress. Thanks for viewing this Purple bed in a box review.

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  1. I have bad knees, I weigh 140, height is 5'11 so I'm skinny and I find purple mattress 2 too firm. I am a stomach and side sleeper. My boyfriend LOVES purple 2 cause he's a back sleeper. Were gonna try to purple 3 because he didn't wanna give up on purple yet but I was ready to. I woke up with lower back pain, and I usually only have upper back pain so it's interesting hearing all these reviews.

  2. I’m using a Bob-O-Pedic firm…a cheap version of a Tempurpedic. I can’t stay asleep, tossing and turning all night, trying to get comfortable and always wake up with back, or shoulder pain. I’m leaning towards the Purple 4.

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