Purple Mattress Review Initial Assessment First Three (3) Nights

Purple Mattress Initial Assessment 3 Nights – Sleep is LIFE! ) Purple Mattress Part 2 – Can it be Worth it? This is my first review of this mattress after 3 nights. I shall sleep for 100 days.

Take a Look at the Purple Mattress here:

Check out the Purple Pillow This:

I’ve got high hopes, so come back for my sleep inspection and part three.

Check out my torturer (“coach”) Ryan @

I am thankful for every moment of suffering which shaped me into the girl I for I will relate to people in their darkest moments and offer them hope

The stigma around talking about mental health is often more harmful than the ailments themselves. The stigma prevents. If their arm broke they’d be expected to go to the doctor for help; therefore why is it that we expect people suffering emotionally to heal themselves? Learn how to treat Mental Health like any other accident. Be sure to assist the ones that you care about and help them whenever they need you.
Should you need help call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone Number 1-800-273-8255

When you see somebody who could be in 11, reach out.

Come join the dialogue as we start #breakingtaboo #alittlebitmore



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