Purple King Mattress – 60 days after

Except for the ramblings.

Awesome mattress but a bit to soft for all of us. Sleeps very cool and the cells are definitely fantastic and makes for a unique feel.

5 thoughts on “Purple King Mattress – 60 days after”

  1. you’re bottoming out….why TF do you have the mattress to the ground? Receive a boxspring and mattress frame. Furthermore, if you’re a heavy guy, you should have become the Purple 4, which is recommended for heavy individuals.

  2. Mattress stays very coldur2.pl/1219 better temperature control than any bed I've possessed. Also, I’ve really poor shoulder and this appears to allow me to sleep on my side without the pressure that other mattresses possess. And for a grand, this 's quite impressive, because my memory foam mattress costs nearly twice that and cries very hot. This completes the mattress comfort section of the review, upon which the five star rating is based.

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