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I’m carrying out a comparison of this Puffy Mattress vs the Purple Mattress. I really like the Puffy Mattress so much better then the Purple. It is so much more comfy using memory foam. The Purple has Hyper- Elastic Polymer (cubes) inside , in my opinion, gives it a cage like feel when placing on it.
Here is the URL to this Puffy Mattress – Hey guys This is an overview of the Puffy Mattress!! It is such an awesome mattress

Go check out their site –

If your in the market for a new mattress that the Puffy is the BEST!!

Email – [email protected] com
Company Email – [email protected]

Thank for ridding this video you Puffy. Certainly not does this change my


  1. Mattress stays very coldur2.pl/1219 better temperature control than any mattress I've owned. Also, I have really bad shoulders and this seems to let me sleep on my side without the pressure that other mattresses have. And for a grand, that's pretty impressive, since my memory foam mattress costs almost twice that and sleeps very hot. This concludes the mattress comfort portion of the review, upon which the five star rating is based.

  2. I'm looking to find a great mattress and have watched many videos and this is the ONLY VIDEO I've seen that talks about that squeaking noise and being able to feel those cubes and not much on edge support….Wow just those features allow me to know this purple mattress is NOT what I'm looking for in a mattress! Thanks so much for this review!!🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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