Original Purple Mattress Review: For big guys and gals 300lb + edition

When I had been shopping for a brand new mattress I could not find anyone that was talking about sleeping one that has been over 300lbs like myself. Well I ordered one and I am so glad I did.

5 thoughts on “Original Purple Mattress Review: For big guys and gals 300lb + edition”

  1. I am getting varying opinions about wether the Purple original will be appropriate for my 6’3”/314 lb body. You give me confidence to try. Jeff, another of us plus sized guys does videos on the purple and love it as well after a year. I really am a confused cowboy but the Purple 3 is cost prohibitive! Purple has to lower the cost of their 2,3,and 4 mattresses. I can>t believe there are an excess of people out there needing their support with the incomes to buy them. The Purple 4 is close to 3 grand!

  2. Hey now that you've had it a over a year+ hows it holding up? I'm looking into a new mattress and want something that holds up and doesn't develop indentations. Thanks

  3. I saw several reviews that basically theorized that the cells would collapse under too much weight and lose effectiveness. I'm glad they're wrong. One person said he thought 250lb would be too heavy for the bed. Pretty sad. I just ordered the bed today.

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