Mattress Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports’ tests beds for durability, support and comfort. This guide can allow you to select among memory foam foam, hybrid as well as natural mattresses.

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5 thoughts on “Mattress Buying Guide | Consumer Reports”

  1. Never Get a Jamison Mattress. It was pricey and they do not back up their warranty. It's more economical to replace a mattress than stuck with a crappy costly mattress.

  2. Memory Foam is often made out of memory foam, but it also breaks down and warms over time thus disqualifying the warranty/. Fire retardant portions are actually poisonous for your health large moment.

  3. looking to get a durable, firm nonetheless extravagant mattress for the past 2 months and I am just too confused. . .it took a couple of research to buy my vehicle. Ridiculous . My final Ikea mattress (sultan ) in a little over $500, only lasted us a bit over 3 decades!

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