How It's Made – Purple Mattress Factory Tour

See how Purple is made and get a glimpse inside Purple’s 575,000 sq foot Utah manufacturing centre. Shop today: Enroll:

Purple’s smart relaxation grid process was made to be soft where you want it and business in which you want it, regardless of your body type, what position you sleep , or where you are on the mattress. Translation: piled up daily with your happy face .

Having a temperature-neutral, spacious grid design, the Purple Smart Comfort Grid™ boosts airflow and dissipates body heat so that you don’t sweat the bed.

The Purple Smart Comfort Grid™ effortlessly isolates motion, so you don’t feel your spouse, posteritypets or pets whenever they wiggle about.

Rest easy with Purple’s 100 night risk-free trial and superior 10-year warranty — if you don’t love it, get a full product refund.

Purple enjoys your curves. The Smart Comfort Grid™ instantly responds to support your body’s natural form. Through the night, every night.

By adapting to all of your pressure points at any sleeping position, Purple feels amazing whether you are a back, stomach, side, or even undecided sleeper.

Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid™ is intended to dynamically flex under pressure so your shoulders and buttocks are properly cradled and supported. No stress all night. No pain come morning.

The Smart Comfort Grid™ allows for a lot of temperature-neutralizing air movement beneath and about you for consistently cool comfort throughout the night.

The Smart Comfort Grid™ is made of high-quality Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ that is made

Proudly at the U.S.A.. This ultra-durable, non-toxic substance not breaks down, which means you keep comfy and nice today and forevermore.

*Purple’s technology is shown to relieve pressure which may lead to discomfort.

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