Does Your Mattress Protector Stand Around Sasquatch?

A stretchy mattress protector is WAY more comfortable than this glorified trash bag you’re probably sleeping on. Order a Purple Mattress Protector here: Enroll to Purple!

Most mattress covers are both tight, sexy, and destroy the texture of your mattress because they aren’t stretchy enough. The Purple™ Mattress Protector differs! We created a dual layered, breathable, stretchy mattress shield that defends your mattress from fluids, stainsand dust mites, and bed bugs.

The mattress protector which can survive sasquatch
Won’t create your mattress uneasy, but still protects from stains

Stretchy mattress protector aids with deeper, more better sleep
Quiet and breathable so you and your child can sleep during the night

A protective protector that will not make your mattress uncomfortable
Stretchy – Non-stretchy mattress protectors make your bed hard and uncomfortable. Purple’s protector lets you sink into your mattress so you get deeper sleep.

Stands up to anything – This protector is fluid absorbent without bending through so your mattress will stay clear no matter what spills or accidents occur.

Sleep cool and quiet – The Purple™ Mattress Protector is really breathable and quiet you will think its all-night relaxation is a federal conspiracy.

Save time – Our shield will be stain resistant thus washing it’s a cinch, and the extra-durable elastic ring makes it easy to wear a mattress and keep it .

For all those muddy, hairy, sasquatch-y Type of nighttime



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