Casper vs DreamCloud vs Purple — Mattress Review & Comparison (UPDATED)


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Casper vs DreamCloud vs Purple — Mattress Review & Replies\. In this video, Matt covers\. All three beds have a construction that is pretty different\. The DreamCloud is really a meaning it’s foam and both coils. The Purple mattress uses a special layer made out of hyper-elastic polymer as well as a compact layer of polyurethane foam. The Casper mattress is an bed. The DreamCloud mattress is 15″ thick and contains more of a gentle foam texture. It is a terrific option for back and stomach sleepers. The Casper mattress also has a soft foam texture but it’s actually making it a fantastic alternative for side sleepers. The Purple mattress has a very unique feel and is great of combo sleepers (side, back and stomach). In this mattress review video, Matt discusses movement transfer, border support and pricing\. Overall, we like all 3 beds. We are going to find out where they land on the listing for Best Online Mattress 2019 or Best Bed In A Box 2019. Thank you for watching.

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5 thoughts on “Casper vs DreamCloud vs Purple — Mattress Review & Comparison (UPDATED)”

  1. Currently have a 2 yr old Serta, $1800 firm but developed a divot within 2 weeks ! 5' 10" female 162 lbs back and side sleeper. Have developed low back pain, muslcle spasms & my hips now ache EVERY morning. Chiropractic care for the last 18 months, I am convinced it is this mattress ! Been searching and watching reviews for 6 months or more. Thought I was sold on the Purple almost pulled the trigger, twice. Then saw reviews how the foam and gel break down after a few years. So then Casper looked good but now Dream Cloud looks amazing.
    Anyone have input on life span over time? How do these hold up over the next few years? Not trying to spend $1000+ every 3 years.
    Thank you for doing these reviews you bring up areas of concern that I would have never thought of. Great channel, new subbie.

  2. Thanks for the excellent reviews. I missed a Doctor's appointment because I overslept. Woops! Do you have any extra Purple mattresses? My King mattress is 16 years old!!!

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